On 22 and 23 March 2017, Budapest will host the World Exchange Congress (WEC), bringing together more than 200 leaders from the world’s stock exchanges, clearing houses, financial organisations, consultancies and service providers. The event, sometimes referred to as the general assembly of global stock exchanges, is always held in one of the world’s greatest financial centres; London played host in 2016, and other recent venues have included Dubai, Madrid, Istanbul, Doha, Monaco and Barcelona. Hungary was selected by conference organisers after BSE revealed the objectives of its new strategy: to enhance the role Budapest plays as a centre of finance and to reinforce the International standing of Budapest Stock Exchange, making it more attractive for investors and issuers alike, both domestic and foreign. The two-day conference offers an outstanding opportunity for market players associated with the Hungarian Stock exchange to meet directly with some of the key figures in International exchange markets, and to attend conference presentations and roundtable discussions. Visitors to the exhibition, held alongside the event, can also learn more about the latest money-market technologies.

The conference will deal with a number of topics related to stock-exchange operations, including trading and clearing systems, technology trends, the increasing number of stock market issuers, the transfer of OTC trade to stock exchanges, and MiFID II.