Similarly to BÉT Xtend in the equity segment, BÉT Xbond offers easier administrative processes compared to BSE’s regulated markets, as well as a 50% discount on all fees until the end of 2020. By default, registration on BÉT Xbond does not require the preparation and disclosure of an exchange prospectus; instead, an information document is sufficient. The fact that BÉT Xbond issuers are not required to adopt the IFRS standard in their reports makes it even easier to enter the market.

Bonds issued within the framework of the Bond Funding for Growth Scheme and their subsequent registration to BÉT Xbond offers a new and attractive financing alternative to Hungarian companies. By further diversifying their fundraising options, BÉT Xbond issuers can access more funds to finance their projects and developments. Furthermore, disclosure obligations on BÉT Xbond facilitate transparent corporate operation, which may, in turn, significantly increase business partners’ trust in the company. At the same time, bond issuers can get a closer view on the further advantages of public operation and capital market presence.