bet_epulet.jpgThe Budapest Stock Exchange Ltd. (BSE) aims to ensure a transparent and liquid market for its listed securities issued either in Hungary or abroad. As the key institution of the domestic financial market, the stock exchange provides various economic entities with an opportunity to raise capital in an open market and offers investors  effective investment opportunities. Through the concentration of supply and demand, it is the most important institution of price discovery.

The stock exchange actively participates in promoting the continuous improvement of the financial culture of domestic companies and investors.

The four main activities of the stock exchange:

‎Listing services

The BSE allows economic entities to acquire the financial resources required for their expansion in a cost-effective way. In addition, the BSE provides access to the dynamically growing assets of domestic institutional investors and to domestic investor savings. The exchange also provides investors with the simplest access to the global investor community.

‎‏Trading services

The BSE acts as the main platform to trade financial instruments. Currently, over 40 domestic and foreign broker companies take part in the exchange trading.

‎Dissemination of market information

The Exchange supplies real-time and accurate trading data of its listed securities and provides news services on issuers and section members. Through the exchange’s extensive data vendor network, both institutional and individual investors can access market data in a timely and efficient manner.

Product development

The BSE provides a trading opportunity for financial innovations, and offers a wide and constantly growing product range for investors on the futures and option markets. Index futures and options are calculated directly by the exchange. Investors seeking hedging opportunities or gearing can select from a wide array of individual stocks and currency, interest rate and commodity derivatives.

The Exchange’s main goal is to become the financial centre and primary trading venue of Hungarian securities, and to successfully take part in the competition for issuers. This is achieved by a client-oriented operation, a commitment to continuously improve its services and an application of timely and effective technological improvements and solutions.

The Budapest Stock Exchange takes social responsibility beyond its core activities as well. Currently it supports the Magic Lamp Wish Fulfilling Foundation that helps the dreams of seriously ill children come true.