Types of fees payable by vendors

Annual licence fee

A fee payable by all vendors; its size depends on the information package purchased.

Technical fees: fees applicable only to vendors who wish to be connected directly to the Exchange:

  • Annual connection fee: payable by vendors who obtain the data via a direct connection to WBAG vendor server, through the vendor interface.
  • Annual technical data access fee: if the vendor uses exclusively the end-of-day service via the FTP protocol.

Monthly variable fees: fees payable based on the number of users having access to, or on the number of devices displaying, BSE data:

  • Real-time monthly fees: payable based on the number of devices or users receiving real-time BSE data from the vendor or having access to such data. BSE offers vendors a wide range of monthly fees to select from, enabling them to select the fee items most suitable for their own services.
  • Monthly website fee: this fee provides the possibility for the clients of the vendors to display delayed or end-of-day BSE data in a simple and cost-effective way on their website.

The detailed list fee items are available for download in the BSE Schedule of Fees.

Payment and reporting

Annual fees are invoiced by BSE at the beginning of the calendar year in a lump sum, or in two 6-month installments, subject to the decision of the vendor.

The invoicing of the monthly fees is based on the reports sent by the vendor. The reporting template recommended by the BSE can be downloaded also from the BSE website.

For more detailed information on fees and reporting, please contact the BSE Vendor Relations team.