What is the purpose of this reporting system?

The whistleblowing system may be used solely for reporting the infringement of any national, European Union or other laws committed by the Exchange, the employees of the Exchange or by any person performing tasks for the Exchange on the basis of any legal relationship. Complaints about the services of the Budapest Stock Exchange Plc. may not be filed through the employer abuse-reporting system.

Who may file a report?

Employees of the Budapest Stock Exchange, persons with contractual relationship with the employer or persons having a legitimate interest in filing a report or persons having an equitable legitimate interest to remedy the infringement subject to the report.

How to submit a report?

The reports are accepted by the Budapest Stock Exchange Plc. at the following addresses:

• E-mail: whistleblowing@bse.hu

• Postal address: Pf. 24, Budapest HU-1364, Hungary (please indicate on the envelope or on the first page of the letter the „Whistleblowing” text)

What shall be included in the report?

The report shall include the whistleblower’s (the person filing the report) name and address, in case of legal person, its registered seat and its legal representative’s name, and the whistleblower shall declare that the report was made in good faith of circumstances which are known to them and reasonably supposed to be genuine.

Please note that any report made by the unauthorized or unidentifiable whistleblower may not be investigated by the Budapest Stock Exchange Plc.
The report shall be made in good faith, any report made in bad faith may have legal consequences.

What information shall be excluded from the report?

The report shall not include any sensitive data defined in Paragraph 3 of Section 3 of Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-determination and Freedom of Information (e.g. any data related to criminal record, illness, personal financial situation, religious or sexual orientation etc.), and any data which shall not be processed under the laws, in particular personal data of third persons not affected by the report and any data which are unnecessary for the investigation of the report.

How long does it take to investigate a report?

The investigation shall be concluded in 30 days from the receipt of the report. The term of the investigation may be extended in particularly justified cases – simultaneously informing the whistleblower of that fact –, but the investigation may not last longer than 3 months.

How is the whistleblower notified of the result of the investigation?

The Budapest Stock Exchange Plc. shall notify the whistleblower – if any contact is available – of the result of the inspection and of any measure taken after the conclusion of the investigation.

What may be the reason that my report was not investigated?

A report may not be investigated in the following cases:

• filing a report with identical content to a former report by the same whistleblower;

• the report was made more than six months later than the whistleblower became aware of the reported activity or omission;

• the whistleblower cannot be identified;

• on the basis of the report, it can be concluded that the prejudice to the public interest or to severe private interests is not proportionate to the restriction of the rights of the person concerned;

Please note that all information about the whistleblower and the report is treated confidentially by the BSE. You can find detailed information about our data process here.