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ALTEO 2020/I bond


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Full Name ALTEO Energiaszolgáltató Nyilvánosan Működő Részvénytársaság
Short name ALTEO Nyrt.
Sector Electric Utilities
HU-1131 Budapest, Babér u. 1-5.
Phone: +36-1-236-8050
Fax: +36-1-236-8051
Investor Relations
Balázs Szécsi
Phone: +36-1-236-8050
Fax: +36-1-236-8051
Auditor Deloitte Könyvvizsgáló Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság (Auditor: dr. HRUBY Attila)
Business activity ALTEO was founded in 2008 to harness the possibilities of the energy revolution and to capitalise on changes facing both the renewable and traditional energy sector. Not just to take advantage of the sector s growth but also to gain an active share in the redefinition of energy market operations. ^~ALTEO has the capability to execute a flexible combination of energy production, retail and complex services thanks to its Smart energy concept that adapts to the actual changes and requirements of the market. Its state of the art energy concept has three key pillars - reliable energy supply, energy efficiency and climate consciousness. ALTEO focuses mainly on the corporate sector that is less affected by regulatory risks. Within this, ALTEO covers the whole energy supply value chain in a unique way, since it can provide the most tailor-made services including planning, consultancy, implementation, operation, maintenance and risk sharing through co-investment with its clients in energy related development projects. According to the long-term vision of the management, global and national power usage will remain significant due to factors such as the predicted spread of electric cars. The Company has therefore highlighted the national distribution of renewable electricity production as its flagship project. In consequence ALTEO has built and is continuously developing a plant portfolio that consists of units of alternative and renewable energy as well as complementary, high efficiency, natural gas fired electricity and heat cogeneration systems located close to heat consumers.
Listed securities of the issuer
Name Ticker ISIN
ALTEO 2020/I bond ALTEO2020I HU0000357603
ALTEO 2022/II discount bond ALTEO2022II HU0000359005
ALTEO NKP/2029 bond ALTEO2029 HU0000359252
ALTEO share ALTEO HU0000155726
Basic Information
Ticker ALTEO2020I
Date of listing07 Jun 2017
Currency of tradingHUF
Face Value10,000 HUF
Number of securities listed215,000
P/BV* 0.3888
* Calculating based on the capitalisation of the actual series only
* annualized yield
Name of securityALTEO 2020/I bond
IssuerALTEO Energiaszolgáltató Nyilvánosan Működő Részvénytársaság
Type of securityRegistered
Form of securityDematerialised
Code of security (ISIN)HU0000357603
Ticker symbolALTEO2020I
Face value10,000 HUF
Number of securities listed215,000
Listing date07 Jun 2017
First Trading Day07 Jun 2017
Trading Unit
Currency of trading%
Trading time
Listing price100
Maturity3 years, 6 months
Date of Issue30 Mar 2017
Maturity Date30 Sep 2020
Interest TypeFixed
Interest RateFixed, 4.49%
Interest Payment DatesAnnually, 30th of September
Capital repaymentIn a lump sum at expiry