The Spring Europe MidCap Event, one of the most prestigious Western European investor conferences aimed at mid-cap companies has been held in Paris at the end of June for the past 14 years. After last year, the Budapest Stock Exchange and several domestic issuers are once again participating in the event, focusing on Hungarian mid-caps.

This year’s event was held on 27-28 June, with ANY Biztonsági Nyomda, Duna House, Konzum, Opus, Pannergy and Waberer’s representing Hungarian public companies. The event was attended by representatives of approximately 80 companies listed on European exchanges, including Deutsche Börse, Bolsas y Mercados Españoles and the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The market capitalisation of participating companies totals over EUR 31 billion.

Companies had the opportunity to meet 150 institutional investors from Western Europe, primarily from France and the Benelux as part of more than 800 meetings. Investors showed considerable interest in all Hungarian companies: the conference saw more than 30 bilateral meetings involving domestic companies, as well as additional opportunities for networking during presentations and workshops.

The Spring Europe MidCap Event in numbers

  • 80 issuers
  • Companies with a total value of EUR 31 billion
  • 150 institutional investors
  • 800 meetings
  • 6 Hungarian companies
  • 30 bilateral negotiations with domestic issuers

Speaking at the conference, BSE Head of Sales and Marketing Balázs Bozsik said that:

In recent years, we have witnessed numerous growth stories on the Budapest Stock Exchange, with many small and mid-cap companies starting off on the path to becoming blue chips. These companies have also piqued the interest of international investors. It is this interest that the BSE wants to promote, while also providing continuous opportunities for international institutional investors to learn about Hungarian success stories from up close.

Enhancing the international relations of the Budapest Stock Exchange and Hungarian issuers is a key component of the BSE’s capital market development strategy. The BSE’s markets are extremely open, with 55% of stock exchange turnover generated by foreign institutional investors. This is in part due to the fact that the BSE uses the Xetra trading system, widely used by international markets, including the Frankfurt stock exchange.