What incentives will be available in the market?

In the interest of attracting issuers, there will be two key incentives available to those looking to be admitted to BSE Xtend. There are tens of billions of forints available in the National Stock Exchange Development Fund to companies listing their shares on BSE Xtend, and there are also state grants on offer to support preparation for public listing as part of the Economic Development and Innovation Operating Programme (GINOP)

What fees should be expected? Issuers’ fees on BSE Xtend will be considerably lower than on the BSE’s regulated markets:

  BSE Xtend  Regulated markets
Admission related fees HUF 300,000 (admission fee and the fee for approving the information document) HUF 1.1 million (prospectus approval fee)
Fee for continued trading/year HUF 300,000 (fixed fee) HUF 3,000,000 - 15,000,000


Nominated Adviser fees
Annual fee HUF 500,000