The list of vendors currently in contractual relationship with the BSE, as well as the contact data of these companies, is available on our website.

The transmission and display of the data may take place in several different forms and on various platforms: in a traditional terminal environment, on internet platforms available to the public or requiring registration, via SMS, on on a surface located in customer areas, in the form of tickers or TV tickers.

Investment service providers (banks and brokerage firms) often cooperate with vendors in order to provide their own clients with trading data to accompany other services, such as the possibility of direct internet-based trading. If you are interested in such possibilities, please contact your investment service provider.

Terms and costs of access

A precondition for access to real-time data (other than real-time values of the BUX and BUMIX indices) is that the end-user shall conclude a (paper-based or electronic) subscriber agreement with a data vendor of the BSE. The end-user may have access to real-time data after the conclusion of the agreement, in a controlled environment, after the required identification and registration procedures.

Vendors pay to the BSE monthly variable fees for each end-user to whom they provide access to real-time BSE data, or for each device on which such data is displayed. BSE applies very favourable fees for individual investors who wish to have access to real-time BSE data exclusively in order to manage their own investments.

The final price of data products offered by the vendors, however, depends on many other factors as well, such as data content and the scope of additional services (e.g. charting facilities, portfolio calculator, data of other stock markets etc.). Therefore, please contact the BSE vendors directly regarding the details of their services and the terms and fees of use.