Delayed trading information and real-time index values can also be monitored on the BSE website (see Trading Data). The continuously updated data can be viewed in a breakdown by product type and in a tailored format.

Availability of other information related to trading

A wide range of historical data can be downloaded from the BSE website free of charge. For any other historical data queries please contact the BSE Information Center.

Detailed, up-to-date information on the products traded on the BSE (so-called reference data) are available in various forms, not only within the framework of vendor services, but also on the BSE website.

BSE regularly prepares and publishes monthly turnover statistics and analytical papers on the development of the market.

The BSE website serves as a publication place for both the issuers, section members and the Exchange itself. News and disclosures published here are made available free of charge, and a search function for the news database is also provided.

For further information on the provision of trading data please contact the BSE Information Center.