In the fall of 2016 the Budapest Stock Exchange signed a co-operation agreement with ELITE S.p.A., subsidiary of the London Stock Exchange Group. The Program, which was originally launched in 2012, is active in several countries and has been joined by more than 1500 companies.

ELITE International

The Program was originally launched in Italy but is now focusing on companies inside and outside of Europe. For example, few of the companies are headquartered in the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Kenya, Saudi-Arabia and Morocco.

Companies in Europe can apply for the ELITE Italy, ELITE UK and ELITE International programs. ELITE International consist of 171 companies from 45 countries, with Hungary providing the most (50) enterprises.

Business breakfasts

The Budapest Stock Exchange regularly organizes business breakfasts and thematic meetings to introduce the ELITE Program to its partners. For more information please contact

List of companies joined in 2017, 2018 and 2019 can be found here.

The development of companies on an international scale means a lot more than a simple educational program. Companies and leaders joining the Program have the chance to connect with enterprises with similar size and activities, as well as investors and professionals from merchant banks and stock exchanges.

The goal of the partnership

ELITE Program provides aid in external financing, offering the development of financial culture and shaping the approach for leaders of participating companies.

The Program grants network and information in financing and company leadership, supporting competitiveness of participating enterprises and opening the way to stock financing and other forms of external financing.

Aiding companies in the next steps for growth

The Budapest Stock Exchange, with the welcome of ELITE Program, provides European experience fit for special needs in Hungary. Leaders of domestic companies envisioning growth have the chance to gather knowledge from presenters and participants of the program.

Syllabus of the training, with the co-operation of business schools and other financial institutions, (universities, banks, investment providers, corporate finance and other advisors, auditors and legal advisors, for example) takes special features of the domestic market into account, including investment expectations, market environment, taxing and legal information.


Companies joined in 2019:

Companies joined in 2018:

Companies joined in 2017: