User authorisations regarding the content of the Website are as follows:

Copying the whole of the Website or a substantial portion of it, as well as any uses considered as reutilisation, in the interest of income generation or income enhancement, directly or indirectly, are allowed exclusively subject to the consent of the BSE thereto. An insignificant portion of the Website contents can be copied or reutilised, repeatedly and regularly, without special consent from the BSE, exclusively in the case that this is not detrimental to the lawful interests of the BSE and is not harmful to the standard use of the database. Copying shall be understood as a multiplication of the website content or a portion thereof, by any means or tools, by producing a copy. Reutilisation shall be understood as a distribution of the website content or a portion thereof, or the provision of public access to it, by any means or tools. Using the Website’s content for any illegal purpose or purposes detrimental to the good reputation or business interests of the BSE is prohibited. Establishing links to any portion of the Website without prior written permission of the BSE or presenting it, using framemaking, as part of a website owned is prohibited, as is presenting the BSE website as a link on a website owned, using its content without an indication of the source or to presenting it on a different website. This prohibition does not apply to the Members and Issuers of the BSE.

Regarding the website, the BSE authorises – outside the scope of free use – permits user rights in a utilisation agreement concluded in written form, for a consideration of a proportion of the revenues arising from such utilisation.

Possibilities of free use regarding the content of the Website are set by the BSE as follows:

A portion of the website, in the volume justified by the character and purpose of the paper using it and in a manner true to the original, can be quoted by anyone, subject to indicating the BSE website as a source and the author eventually mentioned there;
  • a negligible portion of the website content can be copied and intermediated to the public in the printed and electronic media for the purpose of providing information, indicating the source;

  • anybody can prepare a copy of a negligible portion of the website for private purposes, if this does not serve, even indirectly, the purpose of income generation or income enhancement;

  • with the indication of the source, even a significant portion of the website content can be copied or adopted for the purpose of school education or scientific research, if this does not serve, even indirectly, the purpose of income generation or income enhancement; An adoption shall be understood as the use of the website content in a different work, in an amount exceeding a quotation.

Within the scope of free use, no fee shall be paid for the use, and no BSE authorisation is required. Any use is permitted and is free of charge, also on the basis of provisions regarding free use, if it is not detrimental to the regular use of the website and does not unreasonably damage the lawful interests of the BSE, furthermore, if it complies with the requirement of good faith and fairness and is not oriented towards an objective that is incompatible with the purpose of free use.

Any use of the website content in a way different from the above provisions or a transgression of the extent set for free use would result in unlawful use and the BSE would take the remedial measures ensured by the law against such conduct.

Exemption from liability

The BSE endeavours to ensure that the data and information representing the website’s content shall be true, accurate and timely, and access to the website shall be continuous and undisturbed, but the BSE does not warrant these and accepts no liability in their respect. The BSE explicitly excludes any liability for any delay in information services provided for third persons in matters representing the website’s content. Also, the BSE shall not be held liable for any damages possibly originating from possible virus infections occurring during the use of the website.

The BSE excludes any liability for any damages resulting from the use of data and information representing the website’s content. Analytical reports, evaluations and selections available on the website are exclusively for informational purposes; they cannot and shall not be considered to represent investment advice originating from the BSE or a public offer in respect of any of the investment opportunities shown on the website. Neither shall the content of the website be considered a call encouraging investment in products traded on the BSE. As a consequence, prior to making any investment decision, investors should seek advice from independent investment advisors or their investment service provider.

Links pointing to other websites shown on the website are exclusively for informational purposes. The BSE does not participate in the production of their content, in any form, and shall bear no liability for their content and excludes its liability for any damages resulting from their use.

If you use, via the BSE website, any service where the entering of your personal data is required, you do so of your own free will. Personal data provided by yourself shall be used by the BSE exclusively for the purpose for which you provided such. The BSE will not transfer your personal data to third persons. Personal data is any data on the basis of which you can be identified, directly or indirectly.

The content of the BSE website shall be interpreted in accordance with the original wording, without any changes therein. It may occur that on the website of the BSE, independent of its will and influence, a change takes place. For such changes, unless otherwise specified by the law, the BSE shall bear no liability, whatsoever, regarding the accuracy, reliability, up-to-dateness or contents of the website displayed to you, in respect of information, documentation or other written materials available on that website.

The BSE reserves the right to modify or transform its website, to restrict its availability or to terminate it. The BSE does not ensure permanent and faultless access to the website, although it endeavours to achieve this. The BSE explicitly excludes any liabilities for damages and/or losses originating from access to the website and the information, documentation and other written materials available there and their direct or indirect use, the website’s unsuitability for use or inadequate operation, deficiency, eventual breakdown or the fact that information may be misunderstood.


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